Seronera Valley


The Central Serengeti, located in the center of this magnificent national park, is the most visited area due to its abundance of animals, high populations of big cats, and classic Serengeti vistas of acacia-studded grassland. The Serengeti’s resident wildlife makes it a great year-round visit, but the months of April to June and October to December, when the Great Migration herds pass through, are when it’s at its best.

The Seronera area in the Central Serengeti is your best choice if you’re looking for Big Cats: this location is recognized as the finest spot to observe predators – especially lion, leopard, and cheetah – on thrilling hunts.

The Central Serengeti is an excellent place to observe the Great Serengeti Wildebeest Migration safari in action: the herds pass through this region of the park on their way north from April to June, and then return south from October to December. The Seronera Valley and Seronera River, Moru Kopjes, Simba Kopje, and Maasai Kopjes are among of the greatest places in the Central Serengeti to observe the herds.


Our luxurious tents are all equipped with private bathrooms, flush toilets, 24 hours communication devices (walkie-talkies), and other important facilities.


Grab a cold beer, or favourite drink and sit down with your friends and loved ones as you chat the night away! We set up bonfires on a daily basis, weather permitting.


The lounge area just near the mess tent is the tranquil chilling area with a small library of books, refreshments like coffee, beer, sodas, and your favourite snacks.