Manyara Safari Lodge

Located on fifty acres of titled land, right on the border of Lake Manyara National Park, Manyara Safari Lodge is the perfect introduction to Heritage Camps and Lodge Hospitality. Enjoy a beautiful view of the rift valley while introducing yourself to Tanzania’s Nature and the authentic wildlife experience.

Room Features

  • The Standard Rooms have been built with disabled access in mind. These rooms are all
    accessible by people in wheelchairs, pleasing Responsible Tourism Tanzania.
  • Connecting doors inside each pair of the four rooms can turn the Standard Rooms into a
    pair of Family Suites, with a room for adults and a room for children.
  • Thanks to the position of the lodge up on the escarpment, there are very few mosquitoes
    to trouble guests. Even at night, no fan or mosquito net is needed to keep bugs at bay.
  • Every accommodation unit at the lodge is designed with privacy in mind so guests can enjoy
    dining in an intimate setting together without being disturbed.

Wildlife Experiences

  • Lions, hyenas, leopards, elephants, and buffalo are regular visitors to the lodge. Often heard at night, they are a key feature for animal-loving guests that want a wilderness wow factor
  • Waterbuck, baboons, mongoose, genet, and hundreds of bird species visit every day
  • Even a new sub-species of black chested dwarf toad has been discovered at the lodge!
  • Myriad flowers, trees, and plants provide lots of scintillating smells and splashes of color
  • There is plenty of opportunities to build camouflaged animal and bird watching hides so guests can get even closer to the animals
  • Hippos can be heard calling and flamingoes can be seen from the lake below.